Carl Brenders Mountain Baby

In wildlife artist Carl Brenders' art print MOUNTAIN BABY, we get a great side image of a playful baby bighorn sheep.

Carl Brenders says: 

"Traveling in the Rocky Mountains, lots of bighorn sheep cross the road.  Sometimes you have to climb high to see them; sometimes they are just on the trail.  It is nice to see the old rams, but mothers with babies are sometimes more interesting.  The youngsters like to have fun and can be very playful.  Their behavior is similar to that of domestic lambs.  The thick, long legs and funny-looking, strangely proportioned heads give them a special charm.  I can watch them for hours.

"They can be very curious when you meet them on the trail, almost touching your hand.  The unforgettable feeling you get then is what I wanted to capture in my painting.  The most interesting encounters are those on the slopes with birch bush in autumn colors, as these colors fit very well with the neutral brown of the sheep."

Comes in a signed and numbered limited edition unframed image size of 17.5" x 12.5".

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