David Maass River's Edge Courtship- Wild Turkeys

A strutting tom tries to get the attention of these females in the David Maass Print RIVER'S EDGE COURTSHIP-WILD TURKEYS.

Wild turkeys prefer hardwood forests with scattered openings such as pastures, fields, orchards and seasonal marshes in which to live. In this image they are sharing their river's edge with a busy beaver who appears to be building a dam with the near-by trees.  Wild turkeys can now be found in every state except Alaska.  In early spring, the males gather in clearings to court the females by puffing up their feathers, spreading their tail feathers into a fan, and gobbling loudly to call attention to themselves--much like wildlife artist David Maass has painted in River's Edge Courtship . 

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.  Buy this limited edition print by award-winning wildlife artist David Maass in an unframed image size of 24.75" x 16.75". 

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