Andy Thomas Buffalo Hunt

In the Andy Thomas print Buffalo Hunt, the Plains Indians ride their horses into the buffalo herd to gather the tribe's food supply. In addition to meat, the bison provided leather, sinew for bows, grease, dried dung for fires.

"There are many written descriptions of buffalo hunts by the plains Indians, and they are all fascinating. The very idea that a man could ride a pony into a raging stampede of wild buffalo and use a small bow and arrow of his own construction to deliver a lethal shot is almost unbelievable.

The genesis of many of my paintings starts with real events that are, to a modern man like me, hard to imagine experiencing. The painting is a way for me to be there from a very safe distance."--Andy Thomas

The signed and numbered print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Unframed Image Size 30" x 20" Image Size

The open Edition Comes in a 15" x 10" Image Size

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