David Maass Evening Flight-Pheasants

Two rooster pheasants take off from a deserted farm field in the David Maass Pheasant version of his Evening Flight print series.

“Strong conservation efforts by individuals and groups such as Pheasants Forever, plus their ability to survive harsh winters, have kept pheasant numbers reasonably high since they were introduced to this country many years ago. They have adapted well, and are now the top game birds in many areas where habitat has been maintained for them. In this painting, I especially wanted to show a late day setting where the warming color of the sky and clouds could further enhance the brilliant hues of these rooster ring-necked pheasants as they burst into flight.”

This print is sold out in its original limited edition.  It is now only available as an artist proof, edition size 100.  Buy yours now while it is still available.  This limited edition print is available for purchase in an unframed image size of 17" x 20".

Type: Artist Proof

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