Bob Byerley Invitation to Flight

Bob Byerley's print INVITATION TO FLIGHT shows three children flying their make-believe airplane to locations known only in their imaginations.   Maybe the Wright brothers started this way.

Bob Byerley says:  ""Back when I was a child, neighborhoods had wonderful Trash dumps. People would throw marvelous items away. These items became the creative building blocks of our ideas and projects. Practically   anything from the dump could be used to build an airplane. We worked almost half of one summer on our lighter than air contraption and were convinced that with a little luck and a strong tailwind we could clear the trees behind Garrisons tool shed. At the moment of truth a strange phenomenon occurred. A band of magical fairies appeared out of nowhere and gave us the final vote of confidence we needed to try out our flying machine. We were airborne for most of that morning and landed only when our Mother called us for lunch."

Available as an Open Edition print with an unframed image size of 20" x 16".

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