Charles Wysocki All Burned Out

In one of Charles Wysocki's cat prints, feline buddies Max and Remington enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while three mice peek out from the woodpile and fireplace shovel.   

"I believe that animals, like humans, are products of their environment. If they live in a loving home  and are not exposed to the alternative, their antennas are tuned into this happy condition and they become  a supreme joy to live with. I've attempted to depict in this painting my observations and revelations  of the devotion these two chums exhibit for each other. And in my world all creatures, even mice, are invited to add their playful presence." -- Charles Wysocki

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This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity in an unframed image size of 24" x 20".  Buy this print for that cat lover in your life.  They will love it!

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