Andy Thomas Callin' The Blue Signed Republican Presidents playing Pool (Paper Size 19 x 13 Image Size 17 x 11)

In Andy Thomas's political print Callin' the Blue, past Republican Presidents are enjoying a game of pool.  Reagan, both Bushes, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Teddy Roosevelt, and even Abe Lincoln seem to be sharing a good story.  Wouldn't that be a great conversation to overhear?  

"As the elephants march around the stained-glass shade over the billiard table, these famous gentleman are having a Grand Ol' Party. President Lincoln stands tall as he gets ready to make his shot. Wouldn't you just love to know what he and President Roosevelt have said to each other? It appears that the game is on and Honest Abe is "Callin' the Blue." These Republican presidents are enjoying each other's company as our great nation's first president's portrait casts his spirit over them. And, from looking at the other painting on the wall, these historic figures have played this game together before. Can you name all the presidents in this image?"

This print pairs well with the Andy Thomas print Grand Ol' Gang.

Hand Signed by Andy Thomas

Paper Size 19 x 13

Image Size 17 x 11


Type: Open Edition

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