Andy Thomas Fall Football-Framed - Framed Size 24"x19" - Framed Size 24"x19"

In this great Andy Thomas print, we are reminded of an American autumn tradition--kids playing FALL FOOTBALL.

 Andy Thomas paints scenes of small town America that create fond memories of a more genteel time.  This image harkens back to days of cool weather and boys playing one of their favorite sports.  In a grassy yard, these football heroes are having lots of fun while practicing their "Fall Football" moves."

"Who didn't play football when they were a kid? 

"I hope you were lucky enough to grow up playing football in the side yard. Watching the Super bowl on a big screen TV doesn’t begin to match the joy of boys- and girls- playing a real game. 

"Actually, this painting is from a particular afternoon game with me and some of my life-long friends. That’s me on one knee, shouting (I really wasn’t much of an athlete). Bill, Craig and Jimmy are there, too. The spirited runner is John Norris... average speed in a foot race, blazing speed when chased. This was tackle, not touch, football and flying through the air for a block or a tackle was most of the fun."--Andy Thomas

Great wall decor for the young sports fan.

Framed Size 24" x19"

Signed by Artist

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