Bob Byerley In Spring

The print IN SPRING by Bob Byerley shows a little boy trying to listen in on two girls playing dress up and sharing secrets of their own.  This tea party looks pretty special for these two young ladies. 

Bob Byerley says--"Artie Dunbar wasn't invited to their tea but he went anyway. It was spring and Artie was smitten. He talked nonstop about the cute dress she was wearing, the funny jokes she made, how she made perfect spelling test scores and how she had punched him in the arm in the lunchroom. He missed three pop flies in a row and proudly told us his mind just wasn't on the game. We came within an inch of voting him out of the club that Spring."

There are many other Bob Byerley children's prints available for purchase on our website.

Available in an open edition unframed image size 20" x 16". 

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