Bob Byerley The Gift

in Bob Byerley's print THE GIFT, a local motorcycle mechanic has given an old Indian bike to a couple of kids who are carting it off in an old wagon.  What a treasure! 

Bob Byerley says: "Every day after school, the boys would race down to Bill's Motorcycle Repair Shop. If you were seven years old, the shop was magical. It was better than an amusement park, a zoo and a movie house all put together. The boys would follow Bill around and ask him a million questions, "What does this do Bill, where does this go, how much would this part cost?" Their one collective dream was to someday own their own motorcycle.

One afternoon in late September their dream came true. The old Indian bike had sat around the garage for years; Bill had even forgotten where he had picked it up. For Bill, it was fall housecleaning; for the boys  it was 'the gift'."

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Comes as an open edition in an unframed image size of 20" x 16".

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