Bruce Greene The Ranger Code-FRAMED

These early Texas Rangers meet for a cup of coffee and appear to be reading THE RANGER CODE in this Bruce Greene print.

'For the first time in their long and storied history, the Texas Rangers have put their imprimatur on a painting,The Ranger Code by artist Bruce Greene. The painting was commissioned and purchased by the Texas Ranger Association Foundation Board of Directors in 2006. It commemorates and honors the history and high standards of the Rangers and will be on loan to the permanent collection of outstanding Ranger art at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas.

'In commissioning this painting, the Texas Ranger Association Foundation Board of Directors determined to find a Texas artist of uncompromised ethics and integrity - an artist who reflects the dignity, character, and esteemed reputation of the Rangers. Bruce Greene was specifically chosen for this project because he personally reflects these high standards. He is a native Texan who has reached the pinnacle of his profession as a distinguished member and past president of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America.

Greene visited the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum and was given access to its collections of Ranger equipment, photography, and other historical archives. The painting was inspired by the codes of conduct implemented and followed by the Rangers, a good example being "Rules and Regulations Governing Company C, Ranger Force" issued by Captain John H. Rogers in 1906. His code included the type and maintenance of equipment, camp duties, protection of state property, condition of quarters and ,most important, that every Ranger be sober, honest, and of good moral character.'--from the Official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum News

THE RANGER CODE is framed with a beautiful textured finish that gives the print the look and feel of a canvas.

Signed and Numbered


Framed size is 36"  25.75"

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