Carl Brenders The Long Distance Hunters

In artist Carl Brenders' print THE LONG DISTANCE HUNTERS the beauty of a wolf pack stands in sharp contrast to the harsh winter conditions in which they must hunt. 

Carl Brenders says:  "Once in his life, every wildlife painter has to make a painting of the wolves in the snow.  The subject is so attractive that it is difficult not to make such a painting.  Wolves speak to our imagination.  Jack London, author of Call of the Wild, is partially responsible for my fantasy about wolves in the north, as are stories from Scandinavia and Russia that I’ve read about these wonderful animals.

"The fact that Canis Lupus once lived almost everywhere on this globe makes it a very special animal.  Learning about the large distances they travel and their refined technique of hunting in a group has only increased my respect for them.

"Although there exist a lot of different color phases amongst wolves –from white to black—I used the most general “livery” in my painting.  Being an amateur cross country skier, there is also an element of my love for the beauty of a snow landscape in weak sunlight in my painting.  On the right side of the painting I wanted to give the impression of an opening in the snow-covered pine trees so that the wolves, after watching me, could silently disappear that way."

Comes in an open edition unframed image size of 21" x 31.5".

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