Charles Wysocki Frederick the Literate

Frederick is the cat immortalized in Charles Wysocki's print FREDERICK THE LITERATE.  He is all stretched from a full day of reading some of his favorite books. 

Frederick the Literate by Charles Wysocki®

Holy Cats! It’s A Tale of Two Kitties. Want to learn How to Smell a Rat? Is there anything you want to know about Caterwaul’s Catalog of Hairballs but were afraid to ask? There’s a very specialized library in Frederick the Literate,  arguably Charles Wysocki’s most beloved cat painting. These are every cat’s dream books from Field Guide to the Garbage Can to Delicious Field Mice I Have Known by international best-selling catty writers such as Thomas Cheshire and Kitty Mewpur. Frederick the Literate himself, exhausted from all this study, sleeps soundly, dreaming of the next big catch.

“We’re both cat lovers and this painting is dedicated to Frederick,” said the artist.” “He was one of our favorite cats, if not the favorite. Fred was Mr. Wonderful but now he’s in the library in the sky. Although we’re all very dedicated and serious about our artwork, there is always time for humor. As  soon as we came up with the idea, we knew what we had to do it. My wife Liz and  I spent our breakfasts, lunches and dinners thinking about the book titles for this painting, including Cat-o Nine Tales, Rat Holes of the World and The Catebury Tales. This is one of those cases when after all these years of doing more subtle ‘story’ humor, all my  more obvious puns were piling up. They had to come out!”

This is one of the three images making up the print CLASSIC TALES.  The other two are REMINGTON THE WELL READ and MAX IN THE STACKS.  Buy all three and make a nice set to hang on your wall.

Buy this popular cat picture as an open edition in an unframed image size of 12" x 9".  

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