Charles Wysocki Home Is My Sailor

The wayfaring sailor has finally returned  home to the love of his life.  Charles Wysocki's print HOME IS MY SAILOR is a wonderful Valentine image. 

Through wind and wave and storm, the sea captain has journeyed home to his waiting love. Of this fourth work in the story of a lady waiting for her captain, Charles Wysocki says, "The tale of a captain coming home after years at sea would, of course, include a warm and loving greeting. Their love has been kept quietly alive through letters, but the moment they meet, the world around them seems to spring instantly into bloom as their passion blossoms anew. And because I'm something of a romantic, I thought that the lady's valentine poem to her lover should leave the ending poignantly in question."

Some things never change over time.  Like the joy of the family when their sailor or soldier returns from a lengthy stay away from home.

This picture is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity and comes in an unframed image size of 17.5" x 26.5".

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