Charles Wysocki Montana De Oro

The black cat in Charles Wysocki's print Montana De Oro is guarding the fall harvest vegetable stand.  This is the companion print to Monty Minding the Store. 

"In this enchanting image we meet Montana de Oro, nicknamed Monty. Settled in amongst a bountiful harvest at this picturesque  roadside stand, Monty, a proud and capable feline seems to be in charge, holding the crows at bay. In reality  the good old American honor system is still practiced here. And Monty will certainly allow that system to prevail, contentedly observing as shoppers stop to select produce for the evening meal, drop payment in the birdhouse  and continue on their countryside drive.

 "Monty is a remarkable cat," comments Charles. "We found him in the wild on a trip through Montana de Oro State Park on California's west coast. This agile, long-limbed cat quickly won his way into our hearts and we named him after the park."

Many cat owners have their own special stories of adopting their cats just like Charles Wysocki did for his black cat Monty.

Available as a signed edition in an unframed image size of 10" x 8". 

Type: Print-Signed

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