Charles Wysocki Moonlight & Roses in Olde Maine

Charles Wysocki has recreated a scene with a friendly old neighborhood diner in his print MOONLIGHT & ROSES IN OLDE MAINE.

 "What a delightful interlude with nature I found in this region of my dear olde Maine. Just one of many remote and scenic inlets, this snug harbor and all its surrounds are bathed in a moonlight that enhances the rich, dark colors, textures and  movements here. I clearly recall the hiss of bacon and eggs frying and the enticing aromas of fresh perked coffee and pancake batter smacking the grill inside Rosie's.   Rose Edweenah Cramer offers just one marvelous meal--breakfast--served all day long. If she's up to it and feels your friendly vibrations, she might just sing and whistle a brief merry tune to accompany your simple menu selections. I invite you to lose yourself in this romantic scene and allow it to soothe your soul as it does mine."

From the Olde New England print series.

This picture is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity and comes in an unframed image size of 30" x 22.5".

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