Charles Wysocki Rally At Dandelion Mill

RALLY AT DANDELION MILL by Charles Wysocki depicts an old-fashioned root beer festival.  Is the photographer taking pictures of the winner of the blue ribbon?

"Root beer came on the scene in the early 1870's when Charles E. Hires, a Philadelphia druggist, experimented with an 'herb tea' recipe given to him by a friend. Hires marketed his refined brew on a national basis and is still recognized as the 'father of root beer.' At my last count, there were 1,169 brands available.

 "This delicious soda had been my favorite since childhood. I've since swilled many different brands and none can come close to my Aunt Mary's recipe. Her luscious homemade concoction, served ice cold, was full-bodied and thickly foamed. In Rally at Dandelion Mill folks are touting their special different tastes and this is my tribute to the good times of my childhood.

 "So, here's a tribute toast with root beer in hand to you and the many mugs of suds along your happy trails."

-- Charles Wysocki

This picture is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity and comes in an unframed image size of 22" x 19".

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