Charles Wysocki Thinking About Horatio

From the Charles Wysocki series Ladies in Waiting, THINKING ABOUT HORATIO has a young woman waiting for her lover to return from his sea voyage.

 "She loves to sail the craft that Horatio had built for her. There are days with her private thoughts when she cruises the shore forlornly passing the time, possibly thinking of the letter she will write that night. The sea is where she met her captain and she    readily accepted the life she knew she was fated to endure when she married this ever-traveling sailor. The saga continues as she spends her long, lonely days and nights alive with the hope that he will return someday soon, as his last letter hinted, or arrive unexpectedly, surprising her to banish the persistent heartache." 

This limited edition picture is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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