Charles Wysocki Too Pooped To Participate

Another great cat print from Charles Wysocki, TOO POOPED TO PARTICIPATE is based on one of his real family felines.

 "Our cat Mabel assumes this position from time to time on the rim of our love seat in the den," the artist relates. "I knew I would capture this pose on canvas someday. Her love for climbing trees made her the perfect model for this work. Putting her outside, hanging on this limb made a nice silhouette, with the testy mockingbirds upstairs ready to peck and irritate. It was a tempting location for a sleeping cat and proved to be great fun to compose and paint."-- Charles Wysocki    

Every cat owner has seen their favorite feline in various reclining poses.  This picture is sure to remind them of at least one of them. Great gift for any cat lover.

Available as an open edition in an unframed image size of 20" x 17.25".


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