Charles Wysocki Toying With Dinner

It's a winter evening, but that doesn't stop the people in town from getting dressed up and dining on a dinner boat in Charles Wysocki's print TOYING WITH DINNER.

The inspiration  for this Charles Wysocki image struck nearly 10 years ago when the artist and his wife, Liz,  visited an antique shop where an English biscuit tin shaped like a toy boat caught their eye.
"The hinged top where the smoke stacks are located serve as the lid-door to gain access to the cookies.  This tin sat in our den for years, and each time I passed it on the way to my studio I knew that someday  it would be featured in one of my paintings. Just recently the light bulb went on when I thought of it  as an 'eatery.' Picturing the fun of people dining in a boat designed as a toy fired my imagination.  So I placed it in the snowy Cape Cod setting to give it a fresh, unique look and christened  it 'Seven Sailors' because seven is my lucky number. Then reality and history were added.  The menu holders, for example, were actually banners carried at Abraham Lincoln's funeral.
"'The Vault' is a real antique shop and Aesop's Table Restaurant is serving daily on Cape Cod.  The Old Colony Railroad line ran close to this shoreline, just as illustrated in this print.  I invite you to join me at this wonderful place for a cup of cocoa."
--Charles Wysocki

Another great piece of primitive Americana wall art to own!

Comes in a signed and numbered limited edition with an unframed image size of 22" x 22". 

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