Claude Steelman Red Desert Sunrise

In Claude Steelman's picture RED DESERT SUNRISE, a herd of magnificent wild horses races across the open desert. Their grace and beauty make is easy to see what there are so many organizations across the U.S. advocating the protection of wild horses and their habitat.

"Steelman’s horses are magnificent in their natural state with their many variations of breeds – their long, unkempt manes, some with scars of past battles, all exuding a wild dignity - and his lens captures the untamed spirit of these mustangs in all their glory.  The artist says, 'It is a stirring experience to glimpse a herd of mustangs galloping wild and free.'

"In his first encounter with the wild, beautiful “mesteños” or mustangs that roam America, Steelman was hooked on photographing their world.  Working in seasonal temperatures with an extreme range and terrains that vary from heavily treed and mountainous to barren, windswept expanses, Steelman immerses himself in the excitement that observing the wild horses brings." 

This open edition print is available in an unframed image size of 32"x12'.

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