Cynthie Fisher Territorial Grounds

Cynthie Fisher's print Territorial Grounds is a great depiction of the fall mating "rut" ritual. "From early September through November male deer are looking to clean their antlers of summer velvet, while at the same time marking territory during the breeding season. In addition to rubbing antlers against trees to remove velvet, buck deer assert themselves by thrashing and battering the tree for noise effect, and coating the twigs and bark with scent from glands in their face and underbody to mark territory. Young trees, especially those 1 to 4 inches in diameter with smooth bark are especially susceptible, such as maple, magnolias and birch. Young, soft-wooded, pliable saplings, especially pine and bald cypress are also targets, and can quickly be reduced to stubs. Rubbing continues even after the velvet is removed, darkening antlers over time from plant sap."--from University of Illinois Extension.

This print is available in two different unframed image sizes, each with their own signature option.

It pairs well with the other Cynthie Fisher deer prints that we sell.  

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