Cynthie Fisher The Jordan Buck

 This print is Cynthie Fisher's interpretation of the famous JORDAN BUCK. This monster 10-pointer net scorer 206 1/8-inch was shot in 1914 in Burnett County, Wisconsin by James Jordan. This trophy is typical exceptionally massive, with more than 50 total inches in his eight circumference measurements. It is exceptionally well-balanced from one antler to the other, with side-to-side differences of only 3 2/8 inches total. It's easy to see how this buck held the B&C world record for 80 years, until Milo Hansen harvested an even bigger buck in 1993. 

Pairs well with other Cynthie Fisher whitetail deer images available in this same size such as Bryant Buck.

Comes in an open edition print with an unframed image size of 12" x 8"

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