Dale Klee Bugs and Things - 28"x18" Signed/Numbered

A field is covered with BUGS AND THINGS--Dale Klee's creative print of vintage Volkswagen Beetles, VW Vans, Volkswagen Microbus, Dune Buggy, Transporter--all the old ones are here.

The Volkswagon company has an interesting history dating back to 1937 when the Nazi regime ran a state owned car company with a name that translates into "The People's Car Company."  In 1960 the company was denationalized, and in 1972  the Beetle surpassed the longstanding worldwide production record of 15 million vehicles, set by Ford's Model T between 1908 and 1927.  The last Beetle was produced in 2003.

Buy this signed and numbered limited edition print in an unframed image size of 28" x 18". 

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