Dave Barnhouse The Warmth of Home

Is the WARMTH OF HOME from the wood burning fireplace, Grandma's hot chocolate, or the love of family and friends at the holiday season?

"It's a few days before Christmas and both the house and shed are appropriately decorated. The temperature hovers around zero. The moon is breaking through the scattered cloud cover casting cool shadows across the snow. Grandpa has just arrived with a trailer full of wood and Grandma offers another child her special hot chocolate. She had better have plenty on hand because, as careful observers will notice, three visitors approach on the distant road. 'Hot chocolate can certainly take the chill off a winter's evening.' the artist comments, 'but we all know that being part of a family, and having friends in the neighborhood, is the real warmth in one's life."

This print is available in an unframed image size of 26"x16 with two signature options.

The A/P comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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