Dave Barnhouse Preflight Check At Kitty Hawk

This Dave Barnhouse print is a depiction of the Wright brothers working on one of their early airplanes at Kitty Hawk doing a PREFLIGHT CHECK.

"1903-2003: Celebrating One Hundred Years of Powered Flight -- An avid aviation fan, Mr. Barnhouse chose to commemorate this exciting anniversary year of the first powered flight by acknowledging the long hours and number of people involved to send the Kitty Hawk to where before only birds had flown under their own power. For years the Wright brothers and their team worked into the night reinventing and adjusting the Kitty Hawk before achieving their successful flight on December 17, 1903. On that day a witness was heard to say, 'They have done it!. Damn if they ain’t flew!'"

This art print is a wonderful purchase for the fan of airplanes and the history of flight.

This print is available in an unframed image size of 22"x14" in two different signature options.

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