Dave Barnhouse Ready Or Not...

All the children get together to play a game of hide and seek on the apple farm in this Dave Barnhouse art print READY OR NOT.

It's the end of the work day at Welday's Orchard.  As the parents relax, the kids decide to play a game of hide and seek.  The girl is "it" and she covers her eyes as she leans against the tractor.  One boy hides behind a nearby tree.  One runs to the cider house.  Another climbs into the truck cab.  The girl will be yelling, "Ready or not.  Here I come."    "This is not a stressful workplace like so many in the city.  In my world these people, adults and kids, are happy and content."--artist Dave Barnhouse

This warm nostalgic print is available for purchase in a signed edition with an unframed image size of 27" x 18".

Type: Print-Signed

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