Jim Hansel Evening Serenity- Framed - 21"x17" Open Edition

It's a very peaceful evening at the lake cabin--water smooth as glass, full moon, cheerful lights across the water into town.

We have three different framed option of Evening Serenity available:

The first one has been hand-rolled with a non-reflective 100-percent acrylic polymer coating, which protects the image, giving it the look and feel of an original canvas.  In addition to the rich canvas appearance, this coating provides the benefits of lighter weight so easier to hang, less chance of fading over time, and minimal care.  Just use a feather duster once in a while to keep it clean.  

The second has been place in an oak frame with standard glass as well as blue and burgundy matting at a frame size of 27"x21".

The third has a walnut frame with forest green matting with standard glass at a frame size of 21"x17"