Les Kouba Antelope In Ranch Country - 23" x 15"- Signed and Numbered

ANTELOPE IN RANCH COUNTRY is one of 6 images from Les Kouba's series THE AMERICAN CLASSICS.  This herd has stopped for water by an old windmill.  Note the name "Aermotors" on the windmill.  Aermotors has a long history in the windmill business dating back to the origin of the company in 1888.

The pronghorn antelope of the Plains states is the fastest animal in North America, reaching speeds of 60 MPH.  They also have the longest migration of any hoofed animal in the lower 48 states.  The pronghorn is the only animal in the entire world with branched horns--not antlers--horns which shed every year similar to antlers.  Unlike deer, pronghorns cannot jump fences, so fenced range land hampers their migratory patterns.     

This print is signed and numbered and is available unframed with an image size of 23"x15".

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