Terry Redlin Evening Solitude

In the wildlife print EVENING SOLITUDE Terry Redlin has captured the essence of tent camping and canoeing.  There's nothing greater than the sounds and smells of a campfire on a crisp fall day.  

“In every outdoor person's imagination is the ideal campsite, far from the tensions of modern civilization. In this quiet place the healing powers of nature slowly emerge and, for a few precious hours or days, all is right with the world. These campers have just arrived and rest in their tent. They are unaware of the Canada geese passing overhead on the way to their own resting place. Tomorrow our campers will, no doubt, be in touch with the magic of their surroundings.”

This open edition print is available in an unframed image size of 18"x10.5" and is also available in a larger canvas edition.  Make your choice for whatever best suits your wall decor needs.

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