Terry Redlin His First Date

Young love is at work in Terry Redlin's painting HIS FIRST DATE.  Two young people sit on the front porch as they share their first date. 

“As the full moon begins to rise, shadows dance across the yard. In this scene, we are reminded of the nervousness of 'young love.' The boy has a visitor. As the boy and girl sit side by side on the front porch, Mom knows this is her son's 'first date.' This must be the girl whose initials have recently appeared in the heart-shaped carving on the tree just below the tree house, his 'Private Club.' Keeping an eye on the two, Mom offers a tray of refreshments. Her baby is growing up. His dog, Buddy, has already given his approval. The family loves their neighborhood and the life they have built.”

This nostalgic print reminds us all of simpler times when young love was innocent and less complicated.  The image comes in two different sizes and two different signature options.

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