Terry Redlin His First Day

Terry Redlin brings back fond memories of yesteryear as a young boy gets on a school bus for HIS FIRST DAY of school.

“It's autumn. Falling leaves color the ground as they float through the quiet stillness of the morning. The old house has undergone a noticeable transformation. As the school bus pulls around the corner, the mother gently tries to coax her young son out of his Radio Flyer, but he doesn't want to leave the comfort of his mother's arms, the safety of his yard, or his trusted friend, 'Buddy.' The youngster will soon take that first step onto the bus, leaving, for the first time, the security of home.”

This nostalgic picture of the first day of school can be yours as either an open edition or a signed and numbered limited edition.  With three different sizes available to choose from, there is sure to be an option for that perfect place on your home or office wall.  A great gift for a school teacher or a bus driver. 

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