Terry Redlin His First Friend

We all remember our first pet.  Terry Redlin's nostalgic print HIS FIRST FRIEND will bring that memory back for us all.

“The story begins with the American dream of home ownership as a young family moves from the farm into town. Their fixer-upper needs some tender love and care, but for now it is moving day. As they unpack the truck, they look forward to a whole new life for themselves and their young son. In this first scene, the young boy has a great surprise. He has just met his first friend, 'Buddy.' Terry Redlin remembers a similar move before first grade. 'My dog was an orphan my parents found at a dance. I named him Bootsie, because he had four dark paws. Bootsie was my first friend.'”

This print is available in two different sizes, one an open edition and the other a signed and numbered limited edition.  

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