Terry Redlin His First Good-Bye

Every person who has ever enlisted in the military can remember HIS FIRST GOOD-BYE. Terry Redlin captures that emotion in this great print.

“Our young man has joined the military. Although filled with a great sense of pride, this day brings mixed emotions for Mom and Dad. His desire to serve his country is honorable and his commitment true. As the taxi waits, Dad fumbles with his hands in his pockets, unsure of how to tell his son how proud he is and how much he loves him. Mom, while trying to maintain her composure, is finding it difficult to smile for the picture. As he takes another look around, he remembers growing up here. His first friend, his first day, his first date! So many memories. He glances over at his car. Dad helped him put it up on blocks. It will remain there until he returns.”

This patriotic print is available as either an open edition or as a signed and numbered limited edition.  A great gift for anyone who has served or is currently in the military.

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