Terry Redlin His First Graduation

Terry Redlin paints memories of a simpler time as HIS FIRST GRADUATION commemorates the rite of passage with the last day of high school.

“It's a proud day. We have watched this boy grow into a young man. Today, his parents could not be more pleased to announce their son's graduation from high school. The car out front is the 'victory car' with the treasured teddy tied to the hood. The bear as well as Buddy, his dog, have been with him every step of the way. The graduate will soon go off to college. The tree house is gone and his 'Private Club' above the garage is all closed up. As Mom, Dad, our young man, and his girlfriend pose on the front porch, we see that this is a snapshot from many of our own lives.”

This print is available in two different sizes, one as an open edition and the other as a signed and numbered limited edition.

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