Terry Redlin His First Homecoming

The college boy has returned home for the Christmas holidays in Terry Redlin's nostalgic print HIS FIRST HOMECOMING.

“Our young man’s new independence has not overshadowed his deep sense of family. It’s only been a few months since he went away to school, but he is lonesome and homesick. As he pulls up to the snow-packed curb, the neighborhood sleeps. The cat patiently sits by the doorstep as our young man reunites with his dog. The full moon brightens the night sky; and tucked in, under a blanket of freshly fallen snow, his home awaits. Colorfully wrapped packages and a freshly cut evergreen will soon surprise his family. This will be a special holiday season for them all. In this painting, we are reminded of the peacefulness, the safety, and the comforts of home.”

This great family print comes in two different sizes with two signature options.

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