Terry Redlin His Last Goodbye

The Terry Redlin image HIS LAST GOOD-BYE depicts the sadness and pain of losing a loved one due to the tragedy of war.

“The neighborhood is aglow with lights as families prepare for the holiday season. Mom has the tree decorated and lit. From the window, she sees a car slowly pull up to the front walk. She opens the door, expecting to embrace her son, but is horrified to see a representative from the Navy and a Chaplain walking up the steps. Our hearts sink as we realize it is not her son, but the devastating news that he has been killed in war. 'His Last Goodbye' immerses us in the pain of this American family's ultimate loss. This series is a tribute to the memory of Terry Redlin's brother-in-law and good friend Charles Langenfeld. Charles, a Navy Hospital Corpman, was killed in the Siege of Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War in 1968. Like many Americans, Terry's family lives forever with the pain of the ultimate loss.”

This print comes in two different sizes and two different signature options.

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