Terry Redlin Hometown-Whitetail Deer

In Terry Redlin's wildlife print HOMETOWN two whitetails look out over a sleepy little town, lights reflecting off the white winter snow.

“In this painting Terry Redlin captures the romance of a snowy winter night with all the sparkle of the holiday season. In this scene, two deer have a clear view of the town below the hill. As the smoke from the surrounding chimneys wafts through the evening air, the deer slowly begin their nightly journey to the cornfield just beyond the bed and breakfast. We can see, from the tracks in the snow, that this is their favorite route. The headlights encircling the skating rink tell us that the evening's entertainment has begun. We can almost hear the muffled laughter and the scraping of skate blades across the ice. Although elements of this painting were inspired by the artist's hometown, it is a familiar scene in hometowns across America.”

This great small town USA holiday print is available in two different sizes and in two different signature options. 


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