Terry Redlin Spring Fishing

In Terry Redlin's print SPRING FISHING a group of children with their dog share their favorite fishing hole with a family of geese.  A nostalgic scene from a simpler time when a few worms and a fishing pole made for a whole day of entertainment down by the creek.

“These young fishermen come well equipped with fishing gear. Some sit on the bank watching patiently for the first nibble. Others relax in the shade amid a golden field of dandelions. Across the stream two Canada geese herd their brood to the water's edge. They are undisturbed by all the activity, having learned long ago to share this idyllic location with their human friends.”

This image is available as an open edition encore, as a limited edition signed/numbered lithograph, or in a canvas format.  Something in every price range and in a variety of sizes to fill that special place on your wall.




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