Terry Redlin Welcome To Paradise

In Terry Redlin's wildlife print WELCOME TO PARADISE, a flock of mallard ducks flies over a rustic bait and hunting store.

"The store owner in this backwoods retreat is a true entrepreneur, offering everything a sportsman might need: cane fishing poles, decoys, guns, shells, fuel, refreshments, groceries. While the visiting hunters are inside stocking up, the main action appears overhead as a flock of mallards set their wings in break and flutter down for a night's rest. Notice the pole flag at the rear of the jeep. Personal experience has informed the owner that vehicles left in high grass can be easily misplaced after the day's hunt. Careful observers also will see the tree sign listing the population of Paradise at thirteen. This includes the dog resting in front of the store, but does not imply any bad luck for sportsmen who have found their way to Paradise."

This is an open elite edition print, and it's available in an unframed image size of 24"x14", your choice of paper or canvas.

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