How to Creatively Arrange Wildlife Prints in Your Home

When properly arranged, wildlife prints can have a dramatic decorative effect in any room. A wall of beautiful wildlife prints can transform a space, but there is a process to ensure that the prints have a perfect arrangement to enhance the display. Here is how you can arrange wildlife prints to create a great focal point in your home.

1. Pick a Wall

The first step in the process of arranging wildlife prints is to pick a wall. If you choose a large wall, which is usually the wall most of us are drawn to, you will definitely need to fill it. A smaller, less obvious wall may be better if you have a small collection of prints.

2. Plan Out Your Arrangement

Before you pull out the hammer and drill, plan where you will place the prints on the wall. You can use copy paper to tape to the wall to get a feel for how things will look once you hang the prints. There are even some high-tech options to get a more accurate view of the wall with the prints in place. Planning out the arrangement is an important step in the process. You don't want to start hammering until you love the arrangement.

3. Hang the Prints at Eye Level

You should hang art of all types at eye level for the best effect. On average, eye level is around 57-60 inches. If your ceilings are low, you may want to move the art down an inch or two to compensate for the lower ceiling. If the ceilings are high, you should instead move up about an inch.

4. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

Your prints may look great in a straight line, but they may not from different angles. Try out different hanging options and choose a style that complements your home. Ultimately, you can display your art any way you see fit to bring you joy!

The online art industry in the United States has increased by 6.6%, according to Statista. That means that more people than ever are finding joy in art. Enjoy your wildlife prints by taking your time to arrange them. Contact our team at Wildlife Prints for great art to display today!

Lin Gartner
Lin Gartner


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