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Announcing a new partnership with award winning wildlife artist JIM HANSEL

On January 1, 2015, we became the master distributor for the artwork of award winning wildlife artist JIM HANSEL.  Through, and through our two retail stores we will carry all of Jim's latest works as well as his classic images from years past.  Be sure to watch our Facebook pages for Half Price Framing in Woodbury, MN and Grandpa Earl's Country Store in Annandale, MN to see information on special store pricing for Jim Hansel's artwork as well as announcements about personal appearances and signings that are planned for the coming months.   We will always offer you the most competitive prices on both framed and unframed Hansel prints in a wide variety of sizes.  

Jim's personal story is quite exceptional.  In case you are not familiar with Jim, you will be amazed to know that he is legally blind.  At the age of 12 Jim was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease.  This impairment translates into minute detail on each and every stroke.  He paints only 1-2 inches from the canvas while using magnifiers and low-vision devices.  This method and the painstaking detail work it requires means he may spend more time turning his ideas into the final piece of artwork that you see.  But as you can tell, all that effort is clearly visible in each beautiful painting.