Bob Byerley The Barnstormers

In Bob Byerley's print THE BARNSTORMERS, three kids design their very own airplane with one in the control tower, one a pilot and the other an attendant. 

Bob Byerley says:  "Day after day they worked to get their new venture, literally, off the ground. You know, building an airplane that will withstand the stresses of precision flying is hard enough, but then you have to think of all of the other things. A control tower can’t just be thrown together in a day and a flight crew and ground crew have to be trained. It takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work, but that’s just what Joshua, Kelsey and Graham were prepared to give that summer."

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.  Comes in a limited edition unframed image size of 24" x 30".

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