Bob Byerley Checkered Flag Paper Art Poster Print

In Bob Byerley's print CHECKERED FLAG a little boy's visit to the junkyard turns into an imaginary race into victory lane.

Bob Byerley says--"It was one of those days when a guy could just feel the good luck all around him from the minute he woke up from his nap. A day like that was absolutely perfect for the big race he had planned all summer. The big Dodge racer was finely tuned, the weather was clear and the race track was dry and fast. He started from the pole position and ran in first place for the better part of the race but in the twenty third lap Barney Oldfield, in the Bardol Special, passed him on the inside and took the lead. On the last lap (just before supper), in a move race fans would later call sheer brilliance, our young friend shot around Barney on the left and flew in to take the coveted checkered flag and the World Championship of Motor Racing." 

This open edition print comes in an unframed image size 20" x 16".

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