Bob Byerley Fireworks Tonight

In FIREWORKS TONIGHT Bob Byerley shows a little boy eagerly anticipating the fireworks show about to begin in the night skies. 

Bob Byerley says--"There was that wonderful magical moment in time that came only once a year. We rose early and waited throughout the rising heat of the summer day for twilight. Having eaten our fill of fried chicken, potato salad and ice cold watermelon, having endured the hugs and kisses from all of our favorite aunts and uncles and having run ourselves into near exhaustion from endless games of hide and seek with our visiting cousins we came to the very best moment of the year. We sat on the lawn and waited for the Fourth of July fireworks. The very best fireworks displays were those we watched when we were children. The sky became a fairyland of light magic and we were happy."

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This open edition print is available in an unframed image size of 12" x 16".

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