Bob Byerley Hook and Ladder

Like most little boys, this kid likes playing fireman.  He puts on the firefighter's gear and gets the fire truck ready so he can save some lives today in Bob Byerley's children's print HOOK AND LADDER.

Bob Byerley says:  "Collin was a very mature two and a half year old who loved anything that made him feel like a big boy. It did not take him very long to discover our book containing antique fire fighting equipment. He would be lost in the pictures for hours or at least what felt like hours to a two year old.

That  Halloween we dressed him as a firefighter complete with coat, boots and a bright red helmet. He is still dressed as a firefighter and it is almost Christmas. When he wears his gear, he refuses to wear a diaper because firefighters are big boys and they do not wear diapers either. He has also perfected the siren which he shares with strangers at the mall on a weekly basis."

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity and comes in an unframed image size of 16" x 20".

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