Bob Byerley Little Red Hen

In Bob Byerley's print LITTLE RED HEN a mother lays in bed with her little girl and tells her the story of the Little Red Hen.  Maybe it is her red hair that makes this particular story a favorite of hers.

Bob Byerley says:  ""Her mother lay with her one Saturday spring morning and told her the story of A Little Red Hen who asked all the other animals in the barnyard for help in baking her bread. They were all too busy, or had much more important things to do than help. Therefore the baking rested entirely with the Little Red Hen. Who will help me bake my bread? she asked. Not I, said the pig, cow, horse and all the others. When the bread was baked and ready to eat the animals asked Who will help you eat the bread? and we all know the answer. And the child remembered that answer all the rest of her life."

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Comes in an unframed limited edition size of 26.75" x 20".

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