Bob Byerley The Dance Recital

In Bob Byerley's print THE DANCE RECITAL a little red-headed boy looks like he is ready to make mischief during this performance much to the teacher's dismay.  

Bob Byerley says:  "Artie Dunbar's brother Pee Wee never wanted to take dance lessons in the first place. His weekly trips to the dance class became both he and Mrs. Mayfield's "trial by fire". Mrs. Mayfield only wanted to make it through her bi-annual dance recital without a repeat performance of two years previous. That's the year when Artie Dunbar literally ruined the entire effect of the "Spring in Paris" finale. No such luck.

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Comes in a limited edition unframed image size of 32" x 24".

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