Bob Byerley The Dreamers

In Bob Byerley's print THE DREAMERS a group of boys dream of building a professional golf course.  Recognize those famous championship golfers in this print? 

Bob Byerley says:   “Roy Baker, Jimmy Tanner, Calvin Sparks and Curtis Thornberry sat on the back  porch and planned their summer. “Last year we had the lemonade stand but we  drank up all the lemonade“ said Curtis. “This year we got to make us some real money!” They sat and thought.

 “Golf“, said Jimmy. “Look at this farmyard, we‘ve got enough room here to actually build a golf course, charge money and get rich all in one summer!”

And the four dreamers built a golf course, and on opening day, golfers came; the greatest golfers of all time came and the word spread and these champions of the greens‘ friends came and by September the four boys were rich and paid off the mortgage on Roy‘s parents‘ farm and bought new bicycles for everybody in their class.

“Yeah, said Calvin, “We‘ll build a golf course."

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Comes in a limited edition unframed image size of 30" x 24".

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