Bob Byerley The Health Clinik - 20"x16"- Open Edition

THE HEALTH CLINIK is another great children's print by Bob Byerley. In this imaginary hospital, these boys and girls are treating patients with the utmost care. Tomorrow's doctors and nurses at work.

Bob Byerley says: Mayville is a wonderful place in which to live. It has a city park with two  baseball diamonds and it boasts a four bay carwash with complimentary vacuums.  It has a retirement home, a pizza parlor, a beauty shop, a bank with a drive up  window and opening June first, a health clinik. Mayor Art Dunbar tells us that the clinik will be open every day until fall, when the resident doctors and nurses will have to go back to school to continue their advanced education in their various medical specialties.

Help wanted: 2 pediatrishuns, good bedside manners."

This print pairs well with Byerley's print The Healing Arts.

Comes in an unframed open edition image size of 20" x 16". 

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